A Gentle Boat Ride on Lake Fuschlsee

To the far end of the lake and back with the "Fuschlerin"

Boat Cruises across Lake Fuschl Boat Cruises across Lake Fuschl Lake Fuschlsee is renowned for being clean, peaceful and particularly relaxing. However, this heavenly tranquility didn't happen by chance: years ago a decision was made not to allow motor boats on the lake, and this regulation is still adhered to today. The only passenger boat that is allowed on the lake is the "Fuschlerin", a traditional wooden boat with an almost silent electric motor. The "Fuschlerin" departs from the lakeside promenade in the village and takes you, via secluded inlets and past breathtaking scenery, to the Castle Fishery at the far end of the lake. At the fishery you can buy traditional smoked Lake Fuschl fish and a glass of wine and either return to the village on the next boat or take a leisurely walk back along the shore. On board the "Fuschlerin" you see the village and the surrounding countryside from a whole new perspective and a boat ride is the perfect way to spend a few relaxing hours in the fresh mountain air.

May to october (weather permitting)

May, june, july, august und septembre Sundays and public holidays:

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