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Swimming and Sunbathing in "Fuschlseebad"

Free entry to the Beach and Sports Club for our guests

Beach holidays in Salzburg, Austria Beach holidays in Salzburg, Austria Lake Fuschlsee is considered to be one of Austria's cleanest and most beautiful lakes. The water is so pure that, theoretically speaking, you can drink it! But of course here at the Beach and Sports Club "Fuschlseebad" there are much better ways to enjoy the clear, refreshing waters of Lake Fuschl during your beach holidays in Salzburg.

Free entrance for our guests!

Refreshment on hot summerdays

On a hot summer's day there is nothing more refreshing than diving into the glistening, turquoise lake. On the waterside at the Fuschlseebad there is a natural shingle beach and behind the beach you will find spacious bathing lawns scattered with shady trees. The winding blue waterslide leads into the lake ensuring that there is never a dull moment. For very small children, who might find the lake a little too cold, there is a baby pool with a fountain and warmer water. Another great plus is the heated outdoor pool with diving boards and again slightly warmer water which, in combination with the glass-fronted indoor lounging area, enables you to swim and relax in comfort even if the weather isn't perfect.

Enjoy beach holidays at Lake Fuschl in Salzburg County. We have arranged free entry to the Beach and Sports Club "Fuschlseebad" for our guests!


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